American Fashion Menswear Book

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From the outset, America was settled by individualists and adventurers who severed ties with the old world to find their destiny in an unknown land, a separation that opened the way for change in a less stratified society. To survive the challenges of a new environment, the American man required garments that were functional and well-designed, qualities that continue to endure at the very heart of American menswear.

Robert E. Bryan cleverly divides the volume into seven different sections, based upon the diverse identities of the American man, offering the reader a comprehensive view of American menswear. From Levi Strauss to the Ivy League, lounge suits to Zoot suits, cowboys to counterculture, American Fashion Menswear celebrates the quintessentially American themes that are emulated throughout the world of fashion, as well as the designers and style icons who have made lasting contributions to the way men dress.

280 pages
250 illustrations
English language
W 9.72 x L 12.04 x D 1.25 in
Hardcover with Jacket
ISBN: 9782759404094
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