Bermuda Love Layers

Bermuda Love Layers

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Jewelry designer, Kim Lefebvre's inspiration for her collection comes from Bermuda's natural beauty and the myriad of colors found in the island landscape. Her love and passion for Bermuda and the island's community can be felt in each unique piece.

This Bermuda love layers set gives a nod to Bermuda's vibrant flora, natural stone landscape and soft pink of our gorgeous pink sand beaches. Gifts for yourself or give to someone special so they can carry Bermuda with them wherever they may be. Size small is 6.5 inches and Medium is 7 inches.

Handcrafted in Canada, each gemstone is carefully selected and each piece consists of a signature freshwater pearl accent resulting in a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Effortlessly chic when worn alone or layered-up to make a personal statement, Kim's designs will quickly become a staple in your jewelry collection.

Black Dragon Vein Agate, Rose Quartz and Fuchsia Jade
Available in Small, Medium, and Large Sizes
Freshwater pearl accent on each bracelet
Set includes 3 bracelets

The natural characteristics of the stone include subtle nuances in colour, pattern, and texture. No two pieces are alike and will vary slightly from the picture. Inspired by the beauty of Bermuda, handmade in Canada.