Aphrodite Halo - Rose Quartz

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Victoria Percival’s most popular design has been updated with the addition of semi-precious Rose Quartz stones. This full Swarovski Pearl and cut glass crystal halo headband using over 800 beads, lovingly hand sewn in their studio, (each piece takes over 12 hours to make) with invisible thread so the pearls literally float. The nude velvet halo headband is 4cm wide in an elegant raised angel halo design that is studded with hundreds of beautiful pearls, Rose Quartz gemstones and crystals in varying shades of white, cream, nude and blush of all different sizes. Modern oversized giant pearls make this headband a real statement piece.  The halo is heavy due to the sheer amount of high quality pearls and crystals - however the band is very comfortable to wear.  Made to order for Luxury Gifts Bermuda by their skilled studio team in the UK.

Caring for your special pieces from Victoria Percival:

  • Most pieces are handmade and delicate in nature.
  • Please care for any Victoria Percival product as you might any other items made from precious metals.  Please take extra care with flexible wire pieces as bending the wire too hard (or in a very cold environment) may cause the wire to snap.  We cannot take any responsibility for any pieces that are broken or damaged by heavy handiness. Please treat each piece with care and love.
  • For best results please keep your items in the protective packaging provided, wrapped in the acid free tissue paper provided as moisture in the air can tarnish all metals over time.
  • Victoria Percival recommends Jonelle silver jewellery cleaning dip and polishing cloths for silver items. Gentle cleaning with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste can also work for some costume jewellery to restore shine and lustre that may dull over time.
  • Crowns and jewellery featuring pearls are better cleaned with a soft polishing cloth as some jewellery dips can damage pearls. Larger crystals and stones can be buffed for a beautiful shine using a jewellery cloth.
  • Victoria Percival products can be cleaned in the same way as other jewellery, but please be delicate and follow the instructions on your chosen method of cleaning.
  • Gold crowns and jewellery can be cleaned using a gold jewellery dip available from most large supermarkets and rhodium plated items will not need cleaning as they will not tarnish (but could benefit from sonic cleaning every decade to retain the shine).

IMPORTANT: Please note that hairspray or perfume applied directly to the crown or jewellery will cause discolouration and can irreversibly damage these precious metals. We will not be responsible for replacing items damaged in this way.