Blue Light Reading Glasses - The Fart Of The Eel

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The Book Club designs blocking blue-light and reading glasses for the style-loving, speed-reading, scroll-rolling lovers out there. Curated, creative and maybe just a little bit, well, cooooool. Available here in style “The Fart of the Eel” Color available in Rose Gold.

Eye 57 / Bridge 14 / Temple 145
♻ Recyclable and BPA-free material ♻

Spectacularly directional but unquestionably wearable, our new aviator FART OF THE EEL (wink wink, nudge nudge) is flat, shiny rose gold and the stuff of dreams.
Featuring our signature blue light lens technology which cuts up to 30% of blue light emitted from digital devices, available across all magnifications.

Options for reading glasses magnification strengths +1.00 - +3.00 as available
Also available in 0.0 for Blue light blocking and fashion styling only
Lenses coated to cut out up to 30% blue-light emissions and protect against digital eye strain

What Does The Screen Lens Do?
Blocks 30% of blue light emitted from screens from reaching our eyes. This has been shown to help reduce the effects Digital Eye Strain.

You can recycle them. Yay!
Once you have read all you can read and scrolled all you can scroll, part with them in an earth loving way.