Contemporary Design Review Book

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This lush, large-format compendium of about 250 pages, showcasing the best and the most beautiful of contemporary design worldwide, from custom-made, one-of-a-kind luxury pieces to indispensable mass-market products.

Whether it’s a kitchen appliance or an elegant piece of furniture, great design combines form and function to make everyday life more enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. Contemporary Design Review curates some of the finest contemporary designs around the globe across various design genres, from architecture to product design, to interior and garden design. We admire garden art, become acquainted with architectonic lighting designers and even abandon solid ground to marvel at the perfect design of a luxury yacht. And, of course, we also visit interior shops and showrooms. All the designs in the book are shown in careful detail, including rich product descriptions, as well as over 300 brilliant photographs. Lively behind-the-scenes profiles add a revealing perspective on the designers shaping our today and tomorrow. A treasure trove of sparkling treasures to inspire and inform design professionals and enthusiasts with style, elegance, and supreme performance!