Drift Away Cleanser

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A transforming gel-to-foam cleanser that gently sets even long-wearing makeup and impurities adrift for cleaner, softer feeling skin. Drift Away Cleanser gently sets impurities and makeup adrift.

This transforming gel-to-foam formula creates a soft lather and provides a double cleansed effect to nourish and revitalize skin in one step. Coconut-based cleansing agents create rich bubbles that pick up dirt while additional water helps absorb and wash away any impurities left behind. Powered by ingredients of the sea including sea water and kelp to hydrate and balance skin. Suitable for all skin types.

In a consumer use study:
- 96% felt skin was cleaner
- 87% felt skin was more radiant and bright
- 87% felt all impurities or makeup was removed

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