Moments of Treasure

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This holiday season, pass on the power of aromatherapy & share wellbeing with your loved ones with luxurious selections of self-care moments in the comfort of home from Aromatherapy Associates.

Give for the Moment, with this chest of self-care, worth $500.

In their most decadent collection ever, discover 18 of Aromatherapy Associates most loved products offering over 100 wellbeing experiences. Treat yourself, or someone special to a complete collection for every wellbeing moment whether you have 30 seconds or enough time for an entire afternoon of self care. For the most luxurious introduction to aromatherapy, this is the perfect gift to immerse in the therapeutic power of best selling & award-winning essential oil blends. The recipient of this collection will experience the benefits of feeling relaxed, centered and peaceful.

The set includes:
Bath & Shower Oils x 8 – 9ml
Revive Morning Roller Ball – 10ml
De-Stress Mind Roller Ball – 10ml
Deep Relax Roller Ball – 10ml
Travel Pouch
Relax Candle – 70g
Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil – 55ml
Deep Relax Sleep Mist – 50ml
Deep Relax Sleep Well Body Butter – 50ml
Revive Body Brush
Revive Energising Exfoliator – 200ml
De-Stress Body Oil – 100ml

Plus this festive season, Aromatherapy Associates are sharing the gift of wellbeing to those who need it the most. For the first 500 Christmas gift sets sold, they will donate 500 gifts of wellbeing to the Beauty Banks.

The Ritual:

Mini Moments
Pour one third of a bottle of whichever Bath & Shower Oil your body & mind draw you to into cupped hands. Breathe in the therapeutic aromas & massage onto torso before stepping into the bath or shower. Contains up to 25 wellbeing experiences.
Lightly roll the Rollerballs over pulse points to release the boosting, clarity restoring or restful benefits. Breathe in to slow down whenever you need from morning until unwinding before bed.

For a restful sleep
Begin your bedtime routine by lighting the Relax Candle to ease you into an evening of tranquillity. Pour a capful of the Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil into hands to warm the oil. Slowly breathe in the therapeutic aromas & massage onto torso before stepping into the bath or shower. Contains up to 20 wellbeing experiences.
Gently pat your skin dry & massage the rich Deep Relax Sleep Well Body Butter into skin in circular motions. Pay particular attention to any dry skin as you smooth in the velvety cream to lock in moisture, soften & soothe.
Your bed is calling. Spray the Deep Relax Sleep Mist onto pillows & pyjamas before tucking in for an undisturbed night. Sleep well.

For an at home Spa
To boost & revive, gently dry brush with the Revive Body Brush before bathing or showering. Start at your feet using short, lifting strokes in the direction of your heart to stimulate circulation To awaken energy, follow with the Revive Energising Exfoliator with Sea Salt & cold pressed Green Coffee Oil. Sweep away dead skin cells for a smooth & radiant result. Gently pat your skin dry & massage in the De Stress Body Oil in circular motions to lock in moisture. Leave skin radiant & glowing, enveloping yourself in therapeutic aromas all day long.