REAWAKENING Rose Water Mist Face Spray 1.7 fl.oz

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Give your skin some R&R! Our Damask Rosewater Mist reawakens and rebalances while addressing an array of environmental and modern-day aggressors. This multi-tasking mist features Adaptogenic Ginseng, known to help stimulate fatigued skin, and our Full Spectrum 360° Complex, which helps combat stressors including digital blue light. An infusion of antioxidant-rich Green Tea and Cucumber helps calm your skin and sooth your senses with a refreshing organic mist-me-up throughout the day.

70%+ certified organic ingredients

Refreshes and awakens the look of tired skin

Leaves skin feeling dewy and hydrated

Helps support skin's natural protective barrier

Adaptogenic Ginseng and Green Tea extract help depuff, brighten, and rebalance skin

Cucumber extract helps calm and soothe skin

Vitamin-rich Damask Rosewater hydrates and refreshes

Full Spectrum 360° Complex helps mitigate the effects of blue light, pollutants, and other skin stressors

pH balanced

Dermatologist Tested

Vegan, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free

Non-Comedogenic Tested