Tube Float - Vintage Cali

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This tube pool float is an ode to vintage-California summer vibes perfectly fitting for the Bermuda island lifestyle, with tropical palms and luscious greens & pinks. Oversized tube (donut) float. 50’’ diameter. Inflates in minutes!

50’’ oversized design
Reinforced cup holder. Keep your beverage in place while floating -WHAT?! That’s awesome!
Original designer prints from FUNBOY
Inflates & deflates in under 2 mins!
1 person capacity
Phthalate free PVC
Age 14+. Read entire owners manual prior to use!
Not a lifesaving device, swimmers only!
No protection against drowning.
Alway ensure float is attached/tethered to a stationary object.
Do not use in offshore wind or current.
Do not dive or jump. Do not swim underneath.

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